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Monday, 13 April 2020

Four Days of Chemistry Worksheets

I have three lovely young kids (in preschools). With school closure due to COVID-19 during this circuit breaker period in Singapore, I have been conducting lessons for my kids. I joined some Facebook groups, and am inspired by the generosity of people who share the worksheets they have and websites that they go to for study materials.

Since this is a website for secondary school Chemistry, and being a tutor myself for almost 2 decades, I would like to contribute to my community. As many secondary schools are now teaching organic chemistry, I will be providing 4 sets of worksheets on Organic Chemistry for 4 consecutive days.

This is what you will receive for the four days:
20 April 2020: Alkanes and homologous series
21 April 2020: Alkenes
22 April 2020: Alcohols
23 April 2020:  Carboxylic acids and Esters

To receive the worksheets, simply subscribe to my newsletter by 15 April 2020 (Wednesday)! The 4 sets of worksheets will be delivered directly to your email. If you are already a subscriber of my newsletter, you will automatically receive the worksheets, starting from 20 April 2020 (Monday). If you don't receive the mail, check your junk mail. Save my email as a contact to ensure you receive the worksheets in your inbox. Cheers!

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Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Updates on this blog and future developments

Dear readers,

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for the many years of supporting this website, whether it's for your own studies or for your students. I know there are many educators who are using this website as well.

I started this website using blogger on the second day of 2012, and fast forward, it's more than 8 years. Over the years, I have written notes and how to answer the questions for O level Chemistry, with a focus on those tested in Singapore. Subsequently, I have also added a question bank with quizzes and tests on various topics. In 2018, I tried to put the content in Apps, with each App being a single topic. However, the download rate was low. Nonetheless, I received valuable feedback from users, which I would implement if I were to get into App development in the future.

In recent years, I have put more time into one- to- one lesson, and other projects. Consequently, I have not been updating this website as much as I hope to. However, I still believe online is the way forward for education in the future. If you notice, I have set up a parent page --- Emily Learning which is a consolidation of all the resources I had created (not only on Chemistry). 

I need a favor from you. I really want to improve this website as well as Emily Learning to make it even more useful to you. To do so, I would like feedback from you. Please help me with the 10 minutes feedback here.

I would like to give you free downloads, the latest updates, and promotions on my website. For me to do so, please subscribe to my newsletter below. I don't spam, and you can unsubscribe anytime.


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I look forward to providing you with an even better web experience in the future.

Thank you so much!

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