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Hi! I am Emily, a tutor with 14 years of tutoring experience, and counting.

I believe that learning begins with the learner. The purpose of a tutor is to facilitate the learning process of students, so as to help them achieve their greatest potential. That's what I have been doing for the past 14 years.

Paper Qualifications
As a tutor, potential clients always ask me about my qualifications.
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So here they are... I scored A1 for Chemistry, A Maths and E Maths in O levels, and obtained A for both Chemistry and Mathematics in Junior College. In addition, I took S Paper (the equivalent to today's H3 paper), and obtained distinction for both papers. I went on to pursue Chemical Engineering and obtained a First Class Honors.

Those are donkey years ago, anyway. So you would like to know whether I still remember my work. Look at my experience then...

I started tutoring after  my A Levels. Over the years, I have taught Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics for secondary school and high school (Junior College) students. I have taught not only A, O and N levels, but also IB, students from NUS high and polytechnic students. The size of each tuition class usually range from 1 (individual) to six.

Today, I specialize in Chemistry and Mathematics tuition. Yes, I didn't miss anything out. No Physics, unless it is for secondary school. Over the years, I have refined my many practice questions, tips and notes, particularly for Chemistry and Mathematics. As such, my decision to focus on just these two subjects, where I have excellent resources, so that I can provide the best lessons to my students.

In addition, I particularly like to work with students who are preparing for their A, O and N levels. To me, these examinations are not everything, but they ARE important. They determine the  ease in which students can get to do what they want next. And it excites me, to partner with the students, to maximize their potential at this rather important point.

Chemistry for O Level SG Blog
I set up this blog in January 2012, to share with students some useful notes for O Level Chemistry, and left it as it is for most of the time. 3.5 years later in July 2015, I decided to bring this blog one step further, so that readers can benefit more from it.

Thus, from July 13 to August 15 of 2015, I have tasked myself to overhaul this blog, to provide students with more Chemistry resources, from notes to questions, at the secondary school level.

Update on August 15, 2015: I am happy to announce that Phase 1 of the blog is completed! there will be more content added to this blog, so stay tuned! My next project would be another subject blog! You will be the first to know when it's on board.

Ultimately, I want YOU to appreciate Chemistry, so that you do well for the examinations!

My Chemistry teacher used to tell me: CHEM- IS- TRY. Remember, only through YOUR effort, then will you achieve success. The tutors, and resources, are merely to help you along the way.


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