Apps for Download

This page is a summary of the Apps I have created, and available for download on Google Play for the different topics covered in this blog. 

I hope this will make your studies more effective, and allow all to make good use of pockets of time in your revision. If you like the Apps, do leave a positive review on Google Play.

1. Experimental Chemistry
1.1 Separation Method
1.2 Testing for Purity
2. Atomic Structure and Stochiometry
2.1 Particulate theory of matter
2.2 Formulae for covalent molecules
2.3 Formulae for ionic compounds
2.4 Writing chemical and ionic equations
3. Chemistry of Reactions
3.2 Oxides
3.4 Metals
3.5 Rusting
3.6 Periodicity
           A. Redox Quiz
3.9 Rate of reaction
4. Air and Atmosphere
5. Organic Chemistry