Thursday, 20 August 2015

Mole Concept Quiz 1 - Work Solution

This is a step- by- step guide to the mole concept quiz which was recently posted. I am going through this question as I get some feedback from my students that this question is slightly different from the questions they are used to. In fact for O levels, this question is not common, but all the basics required are in the syllabus. Hence, I highly recommend that you try it, to test how good you are at applying what you have learnt.

In order to be able to do this question, you will need to know these three chapters relatively well. Click on the links below to revise them: 

In this video, I will go through, step by step how to tackle such questions. For mole concept calculation questions, typical solving techniques involve:

  • writing the chemical equations for the reactions involve
  • determine what are the numerical information provided (since this is a calculation questions, you would need the numbers)
  • and finally, solve the questions by performing calculations!

Once you have watched this video, you may like to attempt more questions on mole concept to reinforce your understanding.

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