Friday, 17 July 2015

Qualitative Analysis: Testing for cations, anions and gases - Quiz 1

From this week onwards, we will have a question each week, to test your understanding of the chemistry concepts covered in this blog. 

For this week, the topic tested is on Qualitative Analysis - Testing for cations, anions and gases.

You may like to revise this chapter first before attempting the question. Click here to revise this chapter.

When aqueous sodium hyroxide is added to solution X, a white precipitate is formed. This white precipitate dissolves in excess aqueous sodium hydroxide to give a colourless solution. The solution is then heated. No ammonia gas is produced. However, when a piece of aluminium foil is added, ammonia gas is produced.
Which of the following could X be?
a. ammonium nitrate
b. zinc nitrate
c. aluminium chloride
d. lead (II) chloride

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