Formulae of ionic compounds

Part 1: Know the charge

Remember the following of ions in the following groups:
Group      Charge
 I                     +1
 II                    +2
III                    +3

V                      -3
VI                     -2
VII                    -1

Memorize the charges of the following transition metals:

Element    Charge
iron           +2 or +3
silver             +1
copper      +1 or +2 (usually +2 for exam)
zinc                +2

Memorize the formulae of the following radicals:
nitrate            NO32-
sulfate            SO42-
carbonate      CO32-
hydroxide      OH-
ammonium    NH4+

Part 2: Formulae of ionic compound

E.g. 1 magnesium chloride

how to find formula of ionic compound from charges, magnesium chloride
Finding formula of magnesium chloride

E.g. 2 calcium nitrate

Finding formula of ionic compound calcium nitrate
Finding formula of calcium nitrate

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